Meet Billy

Unravel the mystery of Big Bill. The protagonist Billy will learn, play and compete as it grows older, wiser and stronger until you can finally be awarded the ultimate goal….The secret of becoming Big Bill…

In the game, you adopt Billy as a cute piglet. You take care of him everyday, make sure he gets enough food and cuddles, his space is clean and green to keep him happy and smiley. As you play, Billy grows up and you are able to unlock an abundance of accessories for him to play with and enjoy.



Food items are distributed in the environment and are used to build up your health points. In every level there are special superfoods that double your health, or give you a special time-limited power. Apples are the most common food, whereas sushirolls are extremely rare but are worth 50 Health Points. Warning: some bad foods have a negative effect on the pigs health…


You can purchase some fun and useful accessories using your TrufflePoints. From jetpacks to sunglasses and fart packs, there will be something for everyone to enjoy! Every week we release ultra-special specials, so collect those truffles and check the shop regularly!


KnowledgeWaffles will share with you the abundance of interesting and curated facts about Billy as well as other animals around us.


Clean up Billy’s poopoos to keep him happy and earn some currency too!

Award Videos

In many occassions you can watch a cool 30 sec. Reward Video. This way you can earn Truffles or unlock Specials


Collect seeds and plant trees, plants and mushrooms. Each has a different Truffle-Reward, and time needed to harvest; plants can be harvested within minutes or hours, trees take longer (up to 48 hours) but the rewards are bigger.

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